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Barwon Heads Bridge




Barwon Heads has been buzzing with activity during the month of January which has been awesome to see. The usual coffee, drinking and eating spots have been packed to the rafters, the smell of fish and chips fills the air as you walk down Hitchcock Avenue and the beaches are full of kids and families playing and soaking up the sun. It makes me feel humbled and really lucky to live in Barwon Heads, a town that people flock to for their family getaways.


As I was walking with Coco this morning I noticed in the window of Bellarine Property there are quite a few houses for sale in Barwon Heads. There were super modern homes through to your smaller older style brick homes and townhouses.  It got me thinking about the difference between buying an established home verses custom built homes. Some of the larger more modern homes (4 bedrooms) were priced from $1m+.  Now obviously these houses come with all the mod con’s and have established garden areas but the style, colour scheme, carpets, tiles, blinds, and the house layout is all done. You can always introduce your own style through the decor with cushions, furniture and art work but that is as far as it goes with putting your own personal stamp on your home. Where is the fun in that?!? Especially if you are spending over a million dollars!

Now how much more exciting and rewarding would it be to actually create your home from scratch? To design your own home from the layout and orientation through to the garage door colour. From bench tops and baths to taps and ovens, floor boards verses polished concrete, light fixtures and paint colour… The options are endless! Blocks of land are a little harder to come by in beautiful Barwon Heads however there is land available around the surf coast (Ocean Grove and Torquay) or closer to Geelong in Armstrong Creek and Warralily.  Before you start looking at established homes, contact Jason for a free quotation on building a custom home. Advice is free and Jason is happy to discuss the benefits of custom built homes and can help point you in the right direction so that you can start to create a home that truly reflects your own style and personality and have involvement in every part of it from the onset.
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