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Today’s blog topic is our latest “how to” video on the correct procedure for securing steel columns ready to take the loads of not only the structural steel members of the house, but also the weight of the house itself.
To help with the erection of the steel, we employed a local crane company (ACS Cranes) which you will see in this video.
This particular site in Ocean Grove was very difficult due to the nature of the excavations and sloping block. To ensure a successful completion, we needed qualified hands on deck and all workmen 100% switched on as the erection was of a dangerous nature.
There were numerous site visits between the steel fabricator and Geelong Home Builder Jason O’Neill prior to the date the crane was set, ensuring that both parties knew the steel was going to go together as planned.
Critical to the success of this project was the importance of a good steel fabricator.  This ensured that we worked within our budgetary and time constraints and only hired the crane once.
Please note, as always, it is important to have your safe work methods statement or SWIMS, filled out prior to any type of project of this nature taking place. Equally important, all workmen on site must have the same understanding as to how the procedure will rollout and the role that they will play in delivering a successful outcome.
Kick back and enjoy our video. We look forward to uploading more “how to” videos in future and keeping you up to date with Geelong Home builder Jason O’Neill and our custom homes projects.
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