Eco Homes Tips – Reduce Your Energy Bills!

Eco homes help to reduce energy costs

Jason’s eco homes tips…

Did you know that the cost for heating your home accounts for around one third of the home’s total energy costs? In addition to ensuring that you chose a heating system that is energy efficient and the right size and type for your needs, there are several ways you can help to retain the heat in your home for as long as possible.
When working with our clients we help them to design their eco homes with passive solar ideals in mind, that is to use the natural elements to heat and cool the home, with heavily insulated walls and ceilings as well as a concrete slab for thermal mass and efficiency. Where possible, the North facing windows in a house should be designed to heat the home in winter with a low arc of the sun reducing the need for heating. These simple design tips save money on energy bills and running costs which is a bonus to any household and most importantly for our environment!

Jason’s tips for keeping your house warm in winter:

In winter time let the light flood the house.  This will keep you warm and cosy without the need for much heating.

Ensure there are no draughts from poorly sealed doors and windows.

Where possible use solar reflective blinds (we have them in our house and they play a huge role in keeping our house both warm in the winter and cool in the summer)

Keep blinds closed at night to keep the heat in.

Close doors to rooms that don’t need to be heated.

Close ducted system outlets in rooms that are not being used (or use zoning to rooms).

These simple acts will help our planet by having less of a reliance on fossil fuels for heating and cooling so we can all be eco warriors!

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For further information and resources relating to home and community sustainability, a great website to visit is Future Proofing Geelong. 
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