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As part of our ongoing commitment to providing helpful advice and tips relating to building and home maintenance, Jason O’Neill Custom Home Builder and our Apprentice Sam Hammond have put together a quick “how to” video on deck restoration.
Sprucing up old decks is easy and helps keep your home looking new and well maintained without the expense of building a new one.
A quick recap of the video is below.
Tools required:
  • Belt sander
  • Sanding discs
  • Thickness Planer (for built up and hard to budge paint NB: this can be hired)
  • Wide paint brush
  1. Sanding Back the Deck
  • Safety first! Make sure that you start with a clean and clear surface to prevent anything from hitting the sander and causing any accidents.
  • Wear ear muffs as the belt sanders are a little noisy. For added protection you may wish to use eye protection also.
  • Use the belt sander in long, consistent strokes, one board at a time and only use up and down motions (never from side to side).
  • Use a thickness planer for those areas that have a lot of stubborn built up paint that the belt sander just can’t seem to budge.
  • Once you have finished, sweep the deck clear ready to paint/oil.
  1. Painting/Oiling the Deck
  • Chose a nice day to paint, preferably a warm sunny day to help speed up the drying process.
  • Use a wide paint brush and good quality decking oil or paint.
  • Always paint using long brush strokes.
  • Paint two (2) boards at a time.
  • Always start painting on the edges then move into the centre of the board.
  • Work as quickly as you can to ensure you get an even coat.
  • Give it at least a week in between coats.
Wallah! You have a gorgeous looking deck that looks brand new and all for the fraction of the cost compared to building a new one!
Jason O’Neill Custom Home Builder is happy to assist and our advice is free. Please drop us a line if you have any questions relating to building your own home or home extensions.  Bring your plans and/or ideas along for a free consultation.
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