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Why is it that the volume builders attract so much of the new home builders market in comparison to a custom builder?With huge advertising budgets and available funds for search engine optimisation and paid google advertising, people click through to the volume builders such as Metricon, Simmonds, Boutique, Hamlan Homes and Dennis Family.What about the local custom builder further down the google page? The little guy who quotes the work and actually builds the house with his own hands? The guy who takes full ownership of building your home and is there from the start to the finish and ONLY hands over a house that he would be willing to live in himself? Here is some food for thought…..
Have you spoken to someone who has built with a volume builder before? The initial price may appear cheaper at first but what about all the hidden extras that very quickly escalate? People fall into the trap of choosing one of the base model homes, which appears affordable at first, however when you start to factor in upgrades, site excavations, extra lighting costs and tons of other inclusions (that are STANDARD with custom builders) the price difference becomes a lot more competitive.
In choosing a local custom builder, you are most often working with a family owned and operated business who live in or around the area you are looking to build, and are a part of the local community. In addition they have no other operating costs/overheads that get factored into the pricing.
It is also worth considering how involved you are in the build of your home and how often you will receive progress reports and take site visits once the build commences.  When engaging with a custom builder, you are welcomed on site to meet with the builder and the team of tradesmen at all stages of the project so that you feel like you are a part of the entire process from the onset.  You actually get to meet with the cabinet maker, the plumber, the tiler, the electrician, all of which are local tradesmen also.
 A custom builder such as Jason O’Neill Builder is on the job every day ensuring his personal touch and flawless finishes are all over the home. The home is a unique one of a kind design around your particular needs and more often than not, will have a resale value exceeding anything that has been completed by a volume builder.
Homes built by Jason O’Neill have sound investment and resale value. Choose your builder based on finish,  resale value, ownership, pride and customer satisfaction which drives us in every project we deliver.
There are several points of difference between a volume builder to a custom builder which require careful consideration. Even if you have gone through half of the process with a volume builder it’s not too late to talk to a local custom builder.
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