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1st Year Apprentice Sam learns the art of framing as he works alongside Jason O’Neill and the Building Services team on site in Ocean Grove.

From country NSW, Sam has wanted to be a carpenter since he was 15 years of age.  He started doing research on custom built Geelong Homes and various Geelong Construction Companies which prompted him make the move from Barom to Geelong and pursue his dream of securing an apprenticeship in caprentary.

After meeting with Sam and hearing about his passion for building, particularly sustainability building, he was the obvious choice to join our team.

Sam has been working with us since May this year and has made a great addition to the team.

Back to “framing” ….

The most widely used structural building method in building Services around the world is timber framing. There are a variety of benefits and advantages to choosing timber for framing. This includes:

•    A reduction of construction time
•    Improved sound insulation, particularly in separated walls
•    Eco friendly (in various ways)
•    Factory controlled quality assurance in fabrication
•    Can be built to exceed 60-year design life

Sam has been learning all about the construction of framing on site and ….has been very eager to learn about all aspects of it as the framing of a house is crucial to the structural integrity of the building and also the lifespan of what really is an investment.

To compliment Sam’s onsite learning he attends trade school where he delve’s into the theory of the building industry standards and codes such as the AS1684 Australian standard covering compliance for timber framing  (

Sam told me that he prefers getting his hands dirty with Jason and the team at Ocean Grove!! I can hardly blame him.

Welcome aboard Sam. We look forward to watching your progress over the next few years.

For Geelong based Construction Companies or employers in Building Services who are considering employing an apprentice, we personally found the process very straight forward and recommend contacting MEGT and talking to someone in the National Apprenticeships Centre.

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