Eco Homes Tips – Reduce Your Energy Bills!

Eco homes help to reduce energy costs

Jason’s eco homes tips… Did you know that the cost for heating your home accounts for around one third of the home’s total energy costs? In addition to ensuring that you chose a heating system that is energy efficient and the right size and type for your needs, there are several ways you can help…

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Custom builder V’s Volume builder

custom builder pic

Why is it that the volume builders attract so much of the new home builders market in comparison to a custom builder?With huge advertising budgets and available funds for search engine optimisation and paid google advertising, people click through to the volume builders such as Metricon, Simmonds, Boutique, Hamlan Homes and Dennis Family.What about the local custom builder further…

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Buying off the plan with a Custom Builder

custom builder

  As home ownership becomes more expensive and competition for houses on the market heats up, why not separate yourself from competitors by buying off the plan with a quality custom builder? We currently have huge stamp duty savings on our latest development in St. Cloud Court Highton. So how much savings exactly do you get…

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Custom Home Builder Jason O’Neill “How to restore your deck”

Custom Home Builder

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing helpful advice and tips relating to building and home maintenance, Jason O’Neill Custom Home Builder and our Apprentice Sam Hammond have put together a quick “how to” video on deck restoration. Sprucing up old decks is easy and helps keep your home looking new and well maintained without the expense…

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Custom built homes in beautiful Barwon Heads

Barwon Heads Bridge

      Barwon Heads has been buzzing with activity during the month of January which has been awesome to see. The usual coffee, drinking and eating spots have been packed to the rafters, the smell of fish and chips fills the air as you walk down Hitchcock Avenue and the beaches are full of kids and…

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Townhouse builders Jason O’Neill

Townhouse builders

Geelong homes for sale and the property market in general is back in full swing following the Christmas break. According to economist Dr Andrew Wilson, the property market in Geelong and the surf coast is predicted to increase by 3% for 2015. QBE’s Annual Australian Housing outlook, researched and prepared by BIS Shrapnel, details that for…

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Custom built homes galore! What a year 2014 has been.

Custom built homes galore

  Merry Christmas from Jason, the team and our family. I say to myself every year in December “where has this year gone?” Is it just me, or has 2014 passed us by too damn quick? It seems like you blink, and here you are again with Christmas fast approaching, welcoming the warmer weather whilst…

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Green Homes

Green homes What does a green home actually mean?  Wikipedia’s definition of a Green Home is a type of house designed to be environmentally friendly and sustainable, while also focusing on the efficient use of “energy, water, and building materials.”  Building true Green Homes requires time and research in the initial planning of…

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Geelong Home Builder | Ocean Grove

Today’s blog topic is our latest “how to” video on the correct procedure for securing steel columns ready to take the loads of not only the structural steel members of the house, but also the weight of the house itself. To help with the erection of the steel, we employed a local crane company (ACS…

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Building Services in Ocean Grove

Geelong Homes

1st Year Apprentice Sam learns the art of framing as he works alongside Jason O’Neill and the Building Services team on site in Ocean Grove. From country NSW, Sam has wanted to be a carpenter since he was 15 years of age.  He started doing research on custom built Geelong Homes and various Geelong Construction Companies which prompted him make the move…

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